Flat refurbishment

For those asking, what we have been working on over the past few months…


Old flat

IMG_1398 IMG_1426_Edit IMG_1374 IMG_1382IMG_1428_EditIMG_1464


IMG_0219_resize IMG_0223_resize IMG_0230_resize IMG_0245_resize


IMG_0768_resize IMG_0780_resize IMG_1090_resizeIMG_1133_resize IMG_1211_resize IMG_1230_resize IMG_1269_resize IMG_1273_resize IMG_1302_resize IMG_1306_resize IMG_1277_resize

Finishing touches coming soon… Keep with us into 2012.

One thought on “Flat refurbishment

  1. To se zda jako docela solidni vykon….uz se tesim na sklenicku vina v novem byte, az se my jednou zase podivame do Prahy. Neboj, mas vic nez dost casu to dokoncit.

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